Niepoort - Douro Region, Portugal

Lighting the way through wine cellars and tasting labs

Niepoort is a family-run, Portuguese, winemaking company dating back to 1842. Their mission is to maintain their position of "niche player" in the wine market, continuing to produce distinctive ports and Douro wines, combining centuries-old tradition with innovation. 

Large 1933™ Design

Niepoort focus on maintaining generations upon generations of technique and family expertise to maintain their standing as notable Portuguese wine producers from 1842 through to today.

What could be better suited to light their timeless wine cellars and tasting labs than authentic Coolicon® lampshades, created through generations of knowledge, passion, and traditional process. With our shared values and ethos, we are proud to light the way throughout the Niepoort cellars and becoming part of their unique experience.

The bi-directional lighting of our Large 1933™ Design lampshades illuminates the walkways and wine casks beautifully in the otherwise dimly lit cellar. 

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Images courtesy of Niepoort

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