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Large 1933Design Lampshade

Deep Yellow

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Pendant Set: Porcelain
Lightbulb: Yes

Deep Yellow, Colour Notes

Showcasing the quality and craftsmanship of our hand finished lampshades, our Deep Yellow enamel is full of vibrancy and depth. With hints of saffron and amber this colour is sure to brighten your day.

Providing a cheery focal point upon entering your home, the Deep Yellow Large 1933™ Design lampshade projects our signature bi-directional light. Ample ambient up-lighting frames details on high ceilings extending the height and creating the illusion of space whilst the welcoming down-light beckons guests into the heart of your home.

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Authentic shades

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  • Light above
    & below

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Coolicon® Accessories

Suspension Sets

With beautiful symmetry, our white Vitreous Enamel ceiling cups mirror the iconic gallery of our lampshades, both in size and shape. Made from the same high-grade steel and finished in matching white enamel, our ceiling cups are durable and electrically insulated. Lovers of the fine details, our ceiling cups ensure a sleek lighting design from ceiling to lampshade.

The perfect companion set to complete your Coolicon look with a choice of three timeless lamp holders.

Brass lamp holders - Our signature brass lamp holder is designed to last for decades, just like our lampshades. Imprinted with “Coolicon” around the holder, this set is sure to place your shade centre stage.

Industrial lamp holders - These modern black plastic lamp holders pay homage to the traditional black Bakelite lamp holders from Coolicon’s industrial past.

Porcelain lamp holders - Our white porcelain fittings are modern, clean and simple; produced for the Standard Collection they pair elegantly with all of our shades.

Cable Type: With a natural sheen, our finely overbraided black fabric cable ensures your lampshade hangs with that extra touch of detail and class.
Adjustable drop length: Min 15cm – Max 150cm. 
Bespoke lengths available

Please note: Suspension sets do not include a ceiling hook.
Standard Suspension Sets are certified for UK and EU use only.

Light Bulb

Can be used with both incandescent filament and LED bulbs. 
For a traditional look we suggest filament-style squirrel-cage or pear-shaped bulbs.

Coolicon® Lampshade Materials / Size / Weight

Our Large 1933 Design™ lampshade provides a greater ambient light into the room than the Original 1933 due to the lightbulb sitting slightly higher in the larger gallery opening. This design also allows for a wider and softer cone of light to be emitted below. Sharing the same visual language and proportions as the Original 1933 Design™ shade, this larger design shapes light differently to suit main room or statement lighting.

Ø400mm x 245mm - Approx weight: 1.5kg

Compatible with: E27 and E26 fittings 
Light bulb wattage: Max 60W filament / 18W LED – 220-240V 
Recommended shape: Squirrel-cage ST58, or ST64 
Suspension set and light bulb sold separately. 
Lamp holder hole size: Ø40mm

Energy Label

How it's made

Can’t decide on a colour? Order Vitreous Enamel Swatches here

Cleaning Vitreous Enamel

Due to the glasslike Vitreous Enamel finish, the lampshade can easily be cleaned with a soft cloth.

For stubborn marks, a high-quality window/glass cleaner can be applied to the cloth then passed over the lampshade. Care should always be taken to avoid contact with the Coolicon badge.

The best lighting for your Hallway

With its bi-directional lighting, light that projects both upwards and downwards, Coolicon® lampshades really come into their own when lighting an entrance hallway. Originally designed to encourage dissipation of heat from 1930’s lightbulbs, the open gallery vents now allow for ambient lighting to reach the ceiling whilst the reflective white enamel inside the lampshade emits a clean, bright light below – ideal for keeping the hallway free of additional lighting clutter.  


A natural choice for entranceways, our lampshades ensure no additional lighting is necessary – leaving an abundance of space on the floor and walls for gathering boots, bags, and umbrellas. The longer, or larger, the entranceway, the more lampshades required – we recommend hanging Large 1933™ Design lampshades in configurations of two or three throughout the space.

"Ambient light reaches to the ceiling and walls; bright clean light is projected below"

"Great in sunlight, never to fade"

Running a fine line between what’s possible and what’s practical, our Deep Yellow enamel formulation was years in the making. This difficult-to-produce, exquisite colour is composed of vibrant, rich oxides and Quartz crystals – the somewhat unstable oxides give magnificent colour, the Quartz crystals stabilise the formula but diminish the vibrancy. As a result of this constant warring of minerals every batch of our Deep Yellow Vitreous Enamel is slightly different.  

Much like speckled English mustard, the variations in the colour add to the richness; a flat, dull, and repeatable yellow would resemble paint and lack the depth and brilliance of enamel.

Hand made in Britain, Coolicon®’s iconic lustrous Vitreous Enamel is hand applied by artisans. Masters of their trade, building layer upon layer, the resulting finish maintains much higher reflective properties than both paint and powder coated finishes and is will never fade even under the brightest of suns.  

The Coolicon® lampshade can illuminate your hallway efficiently. Easy to maintain, dusting the shades could not be easier ensuring that your statement shades will remain as striking years on as they were on day one.

"Highly reflective finish to brighten up the darkest of spaces"

The sun captured in a Coolicon lampshade

Sunshine suspended in a lampshade, golden tones of ochre shine like the summer sun. With echoes of daffodil and sunflowerDeep Yellowis undoubtedly a shade to put front and centre as you enter the home. Keep it light and modern by pairing with our Original White.

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