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Written by the Coolicon team, these articles cover a range of topics from the very basics of the lighting industry to the technical finesse involved in the creation of our lighting products. Peppered with insights into our craft process, don't be surprised if we geek out from time to time. It will be like you’re here in the studio with us!

With something for everyone, we invite you to sit back, grab a cuppa and uncover what makes Coolicon Lighting the brand it is today. 

The Makers' Task Light

The legendary Coolicon lampshade was the first factory light of its kind. Small in scale, hanging low above individual workstations, the Coolicon was renowned as the Makers’ lampshade.

Royal Recognition - The King's Awards for Enterprise 2023

It is most definitely not a regular day in the office when you hear that His Majesty the King of England has bestowed his royal recognition upon your 90-year-old lighting brand! 

The District Line

On a frosty Christmas Eve in 1868, the London Undergrounds District Line finally opened for business, ready to take eager passengers on board.

Delia Derbyshire Day 2022

Electronic music pioneer, Delia Derbyshire, found her inspiration for compositions in everyday objects; the seemingly mundane, filled with opportunity for sound.

National BBQ Week 2022

It’s time to dust off those aprons, pull back the dust covers and light those barbies for National BBQ Week 2022 commencing today! Whether you’re a steak, kebab, halloumi, or...

Your Room, Your Rules

Choosing which lighting is best suited to your bedroom can be a daunting task, more so now than ever as we're presented with endless options through hours of tedious internet...

World Creativity & Innovation Week

The 21st of April has been designated as World Creativity and Innovation Day by the United Nations. Although creativity can sometimes be hard to define, here at Coolicon we are...

Let's talk basics

When you think of light, what comes to mind? Now, you might say things like bright, warm, or maybe that it’s just a constant that you’ve never really given a...

Keeping Traditional Practices Alive

As our lives are increasingly lived in a digital realm, our phone apps offer convenience in all aspects of our everyday life. Timescales between wanting…

The Uniqueness of Handmade Products

Handmade lighting collections with an appreciation for small, cherished difference. We ask you to ponder the question, "What makes a product unique?