Ibis Style - Gloucester Road, London, UK

the Underground-inspired Ibis Styles 

by Philip Watts Design

The interior design team at Philip Watts design delivered this exciting Underground themed hotel in the heart of London. 

Inspired by the heritage and style of the London Underground network this hotel reflects some of London’s unique charm. Coolicon® lampshades light the common spaces and bedrooms of this bright, contemporary hotel with an unmistakable Underground Style. A perfect bedside reading light, the Original 1933 Design™ lampshades create a cosy, relaxed atmosphere in the rooms while the Large 1933 Design™ lampshades fill the breakfast room with light and colour.

Bedside lighting with light above and below

Bedside lighting is perfectly considered through the height and rotation of the Original 1933™ Design lampshades. The light above and below ensures the pillows of the bed are not directly illuminated, making for a glare-free light whether laying down or sitting up. The Deep Yellow lampshades accent the room colours and are used in every bedroom, helping form part of the hotels signature style. This style is also repeated in the breakfast room alcoves.

Perfect Lighting for the breakfast room

The interior design team worked with Coolicon® Lighting to boldly light the breakfast room with Deep Yellow lampshades, creating general room lighting alongside carefully considered cones of light above dining tables. General walkway and space lighting is provided with spots on a dimmer system while table specific lighting is left purely to the Coolicon® Lampshades.


Philip Watts Design is a creative company based in Nottingham and London. Founded in 1993, PWD has successfully designed over 500 products, worked on over 100 interior projects, and completed 150 unique bespoke installations worldwide.

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Images courtesy of Philip Watts & Ibis Hotel

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