Ruths - Malmö, Sweden

Restaurant featuring zoned lighting with Coolicon lampshades

Here to meet all your hunger needs, any day of the week. Ruths is a restaurant, deli and bakery located in Malmö, Sweden, designed by Karin Sundberg that’s full to the brim with meals and treats to make your mouth water.

Our Gloss Silhouette™ lampshades hang low over Ruths’ tables providing cosy, zone specific lighting areas while dining, perfect for creating that intimate atmosphere. A minimal palette with black detailing makes the Coolicon® Industrial & Enamel Suspension Sets the perfect companion for this interior. Enhancing this refined industrial aesthetic, lampshades from both The Standard Collection and The Craftsmans™ Collection were installed in the same interior, separating the different zones while maintaining a coherent design. 

Gloss Silhouette™ above the dining tables

Above Ruths’ dining tables, single Gloss Silhouette™ lampshades hang low from their bespoke wall arms. The height of the lampshade allows warm ambient light to cascade onto the table below, while not intruding on your meal. The transparent qualities of the Bone China produces a rich glow through the shade, mimicking the serenity of a candle-lit diner.

Large 1933™ Design for the work counter

Our Royal Blue lampshades take pride of place above the work counter creating strong task light for food preparation. The ambient light from the vents above balances the light below. A perfect pairing with Ruths’ blue glazed tiles, the Vitreous Enamel finish provides the perfect easy-clean companion for a hygienic set of surfaces.

This well-planned project brought classic and modern styles together to deliver a clean, contemporary design experience.


Architect Karin Sundberg runs the company KarIN, with an emphasis on concept development, architecture and exhibition and interior design. She has many years of experience in urban planning, architecture, and design projects. Karin is passionate about sustainable development and design and is inspired by an interaction between different scales and contexts. 

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Images courtesy of Karin Sundberg & Ruth’s Restaurant

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