Old House Project - Dunhua, Taipei, Taiwan

A New Look of Old House in Dunhua, Taipei


This old house, with a history of more than 60 years, tells different stories from a different time and space. The changes and evolution of the surrounding buildings over the decades have made the old house fall into silence. For nostalgic homeowners, participating in urban renewal projects or not can be a thought consuming dilemma. But for this old house located in the heart of downtown Taipei, it seems absurd to not keep pace with the times.

Most European countries strive to preserve old buildings and repair historical and cultural monuments. Usually, the best way to maintain them is by welcoming new strength and new ideas of architectural enthusiasm to repair the lost beauty of the past. That is why it is common to see a blend of old and new, with old buildings being restored and revitalized through a modern approach.

Fortunately, the hesitation to develop this old house was not in vain. It met a new owner who knew how to appreciate its historical beauty. He said, "I like the sloping roof of this house the most" and preserved the original appearance of the entire dwelling. The transformation took nearly a year, and the pitched roof with its original wooden structure was retained. During the dismantlement of the decoration, three layers of wooden boards about 20 centimetres thick were removed, revealing traditional brick walls that could be finally seen and appreciated once more.

The original look is truly valuable and allows for the designer’s concept to be seen: to compromise and coexist with the existing space using natural and simple materials. Huang’s design includes pebbles, tiled roofs, and hollow tiles to complement the historic build, filling the exterior walls with green vines, honeysuckle, and natural ground. Revitalizing the exterior does not require a gorgeous interior, and it suddenly becomes the most trendy ESG green architecture.

"The original iron roof has been reduced by half.

Create a small vestibule and build a small wall

Set aside the hustle and bustle of cars in the alleys

Get closer to the flowers and plants

Slow down a little bit"

The new life of old buildings stands on the streets of central Taipei, allowing people to appreciate both refined and popular tastes. People living in cities walk very fast, but they stop and slow down to appreciate the beauty of the past, a feast for the eyes comprised of wonderful designs discovered when passing by accident.

"A cup of coffee, a drop of light

The leaves are swaying and the flowers and butterflies are flying

If it’s a private island

Tasting and pondering, I am very intoxicated.”

During the design process, when selecting lamps, the James Bond 007 movies starring Sean Connery came to the designer's mind. The high ceiling and the low-hanging Coolicon® lampshades are perfect for the space! A ninety-year-old original enamel lamp meets a sixty-year-old house. The British handmade Coolicon® lamp lights up the old house's new life.

A warm welcome conveyed within the old house after its transformation.







開個小前庭 搭個小矮牆





「一柸咖啡 一粟光影

豐葉搖曳 花蝶紛飛


品嚐琢磨 很是沈醉」

在設計的過程中,挑選燈具時,設計師的腦子出現了史恩康納萊007電影的畫面,挑高的屋頂,低垂吊掛著Coolicon® 原創珐瑯燈款,在這空間最適合不過了!九十年的原創珐瑯燈遇上六十年的老屋,英國手工地鐵燈Coolicon®點亮老屋新生命。


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