Croquorico - Marseilles, France

Croquorico - Marseilles, France

Located in the south of France Croquorico is a haven for Coolicon lampshades.  

Branding gurus Céline Basset and Marion Foret, of the Trait Simple agency, came to Coolicon Lighting with brand guidelines and specifications for an exciting restaurant project in Marseilles. We created a bespoke range of lampshades, emblazoned with an enamelled rooster logo inside reflecting the brand. 

Original 1933™ Design 
Sky Blue lampshades hang high over the counters around the edges of the room, the considered height means the light cone illuminates the decorations above the mirror whilst providing enough light that customers can appreciate the delightful croque-monsieur they're about to tuck into. 

As the evening draws in the Croquorico logo in the front windows of the restaurant is backlit by Coolicon® Original 1933™ Design lampshades. 



Large 1933™ Design 
Custom Royal Blue lampshades hang in pride of place throughout this blue, white, and red retro eatery. Paired perfectly with the Croquorico brand colours, these lampshades provide strong focused lighting over the counter spaces and ambient lighting throughout the space. 



Custom Design 
The enamelled red roosters (the only time we’ve used red) are fused into the bright white inside, they will never come off and form a lasting signature piece of lighting. 

Red is a difficult colour in the world of Vitreous Enamel due to the oxides needed to make it. On this occasion it was a joy to achieve such an intense colour for this wonderful brand. 



About the designer – Trait Simple 

“Creating a new brand that is inspired by a gastronomic tradition required finding contemporary decorative accessories that are also inspired by know-how that has stood the test of time. Coolicon Lighting is an example of a brand that has reinvented itself just like the croque-monsieur recipes made by Croquorico.” 
Céline Basset - Project Leader 

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Royal Blue Large 1933™ Design

Sky Blue Original 1933™ Design

 Images courtesy of Trait Simple & Croquorico

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Find Croquorico online: Website - Facebook - Instagram - Pinterest - Twitter

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