Café JORD - Malmö, Sweden

Café JORD - Malmö, Sweden

Project by IDEAS Interior Architects

Nestled in the heart of Malmö, Sweden, lies the best brunch spot in town; welcome to Café JORD. With an unmatched passion for vegan cuisine and striving to better the world we live in each day, JORD has reopened its doors with an all-new, thoughtfully curated interior.

Café Jord Interior Image - Contemporary cafe space with olive green roof, terracotta checked floor and brown wooden panelled service counter. Small cafe tables around the space, light by cream Coolicon lampshades

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The owners at JORD worked closely with local interior architects, Ideas, to masterfully bring together this relaxed and friendly café environment. Focusing on calm and neutral tonal groups, the design team at Ideas hand-picked interior details and finishes to create a nostalgic dining experience.

The design of the interior was heavily influenced by working-class neighbourhoods of the past; picture 1930’s around Sankt Knuts Square in Malmö, with timeless red bricks and warm toned textures.

“We call it reinterpreted nostalgia” – IDEAS Interior Architects

Setting out to develop a café interior that framed the food and the healthy, greener future they aspire to create, JORD and the designers at Ideas focused on bringing authenticity to the centre of the space.

When it comes to authenticity and longevity, there is no question; Coolicon lampshades are the light for the job. The team at Ideas utilise Coolicon lampshades to enhance the overall experience while promoting, maintaining, and aligning with the brand qualities that JORD live by through their choice in products.

Bringing craft to every aspect, Ideas hung our Classic Cream Original 1933 Design lampshades neatly above the countertop space, perfectly distanced to light the hustle and bustle of the café and baristas below. In a café such as JORD, where the food is made to be admired, what better suited than an iconic task light hanging low above your table for idyllic lighting…and that perfect Instagram snap!

“With focus on quality, authentic materials and craftmanship, Coolicons´ lamps blend in perfectly.” – Patrik at IDEAS

Bright café interior with full length windows on the right and countertop on the left. Red brick and beige checked floor, olive green ceiling. with cream pendant lights hanging down. Small café tables by the window with window seats.

Café Jord vegan menu - styled photograph looking up to the menu with a corner of the countertop Section of olive green ceiling with sound reducing panels and white wall Café interior with terracotta checked floor and tall wooden bar chairs against countertop. People in the background. Large full length windows to the back of the image at the café front.
Café workers behind the countertop wearing black t-shirts contrasting against the slightly blurred warm cream background A board of green vegetables and vase of wispy flowers on top of a dark wooden panel countertop. Lit by two hanging cream lampshades with further café interior blurred in the background

Café interior with terracotta checked floor and beige curatin backdrop. Round table with chairs in the foreground leading into another section of café blurred in the background.

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Small cream vented lampshade with black plastic fitting, industrial style.

Classic Cream
Original 1933™ Design

Images courtesy of IDEAS Interior Architects

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