The Makers' Task Light

Lighting the Individuals Workbench

Words by The Coolicon Team

Photo by Gladstone Pottery Museum

The legendary Coolicon lampshade was the first factory light of its kind. Small in scale, hanging low above individual workstations, the Coolicon was widely renowned across Britain as the Makers’ lampshade.

A uniquely handcrafted product that perfectly balances British engineering with traditional craft processes and materials, the Coolicon lampshade was recognised as the epitome of craftsmanship and functionality. This small yet extremely effective bi-directional light was sought after by fellow creatives to expertly light their workshops, detailing tables and studios.

Unique to everyone who worked under its direct task light, the beauty of the Coolicon’s design lay in its adaptability and human scale. Neatly lighting one workbench or machine, the Coolicon lampshade could be easily tailored to the worker’s lighting needs.

Crafting under Expert Task Light

It was a common sight to see these pendant lampshades redirected from their linear drop, with the suspension cables tied by twine to nearby posts, rafters or pipes as the workers below tweaked the lights position exactly to their liking. The long drop of a pendant lampshade lends itself perfectly to modern living, with this hook and drop technique moving into many of the Scandinavian interiors and industrial aesthetics of today.

Traditional draftsmen of the 1930s would often angle or even tape various materials around the lampshade's reflector to create a funnel of light complementary of their drawing styles. The heat resistant properties of the Coolicon lampshades Vitreous Enamel finish made this easy, do-it-yourself, lighting adjustment a safe practice in the workplace.

From 1933 onwards, every craftsman across Britain knew and respected the name

Seamlessly fitting into modern interiors, the Original 1933 Design Lampshade now lends its direct task light to bring productivity and functionality to every corner of the home. From lighting kitchen countertops and busy DIY tool benches to the captivating reading chair and work from home office desk.

Where details are important, the Coolicon lampshade provides the light to get things done.

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