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The Bedroom

Words by The Coolicon Team

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An intimidating mission

Choosing lighting that is best suited to your bedroom can be a daunting task. More so now than ever, as hours of tedious internet scrolling offers us endless possibilities. Our bedrooms are where we express our true individualities within the home. So, it’s no wonder we care deeply about how we decorate them.

Away from prying eyes of guests, or that overly judgmental family member (oh, you know the one), our bedrooms are safe havens from the outside world. The thing is, we’re not meant to be 'copy and paste' versions of our families, or our friends, so of course our tastes are different. Much like our pendant shades each of us are handcrafted and truly unique. And oh boy, what a boring world it would be if it were any different.

No matter what your style is, we all have one thing in common. Everyone wants to be showered with home comforts when we retire to our rooms at the end of a long day. For some, the soft furnishings are the most important part of creating that feeling, but let me pose you this question... 

“What is comfort without ambience?”

The Balancing Act

Much like Goldilocks and her porridge, choosing the lighting balance that’s ‘just right’ for you can make all the difference when creating a comforting space. Go too bright and it can feel medical. Too dark and the room feels more like a cave ready for a winter of hibernation. It can be a tricky road to navigate so we’ve got some tips to keep you headed in the right direction.

“Much like Goldilocks and her porridge, you’re aiming for a lighting balance that’s ‘just right’ for you”

First off, you need to cover the basics. Let's decide which of the 3 forms of lighting is best suited to your space. This will give us a general guide to how and where you might add light.

Consider the space you’re working with and how each style of light (task, ambient and accent) could change the dynamic. Rooms with an abundance of natural light may opt for more refined lighting. Focussing mainly on task lighting rather than ambient to hone in on specific “busy” areas of the room. Whereas, rooms that lack in natural light may wish to compensate with a decadent ceiling feature, providing ambient lighting and opening up the space.

Think about your own behaviour in the room; what do you need the lighting to do for you and how can it encourage the things you enjoy doing in the space? Say you’re an aspiring early bird but just can’t jump out of bed in the morning. Make things easy for yourself – low hanging pendant lights or bed side lamps keep your light switch in reach. All it takes is one small, motivated stretch and your first step to a new habit is done. Designing your bedroom lighting around your habits will ultimately make you feel more comfortable and at home within your room as the lighting appears natural to your routines.

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Lighting with Style

In a world where social influence is a force to be reckoned with, many people prefer to design their bedrooms around specific styles, aesthetics and trends. We all enjoy dipping our toes in and testing the waters of the next big thing so here are some suggestions on how you can incorporate a little touch of British history into the bedroom of 2022.

Bring the outdoors in

Over the past 2 rollercoaster years, the impact of Covid-19 has brought at least one good thing back in to the lives of many; a reborn appreciation for nature. By staying local and exploring the nearby oasis’, we’ve reignited a love for the great outdoors. Extending the natural lighting beyond the windowsills and into the room is where Coolicon works its magic. With the vented gallery design at the top and a warming glow of ambient light from below, the standard Coolicon lampshade provides ample lighting for any room while emulating the cascading, natural qualities of the sun.

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It’s all about layering and variation

Create depth and interest within the room by incorporating a tonal colour scheme or layering up textures. Love the colour palette but want different textures? Our earthy Natural Terracotta lampshades have a brushed, natural finish and are a soft addition to any neutral lover's home. Mix, match or create a set from our large collection of Vitreous Enamel pigments.

Make it Pop!

Neutrals are great for creating harmony in the bedroom, however, if you’re more inclined to go for the bold lifestyle, we’ve got just the suggestion for you. For lighting that steals your attention, why not cluster multiple lampshades to create a bright, lively and fun atmosphere in your room. Our Contemporary Palette hangs proudly like springtime flowers in bloom, sparking joy to all they shine on.

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The showstopper

Got a feature wall or a grand headboard in your bedroom that makes your heart full when you walk into the room? Why not try pairing it with our Standard Collection pendant shades. A timeless classic; not too out there that it will draw attention away and just the right amount of elegance. A pair of low hung pendants either side of the bed will help frame that masterpiece in all its glory.

Perfect bedroom pairings

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the bedroom is all about comfort. A characteristic that should never be an afterthought. At Coolicon, we appreciate that it takes time, consideration and attention to detail to create such a space, and have put in the hard work so you don’t have to. Handmade by masters of their trade, with not a detail out of place, we’ve created our most refined collection yet; our Craftsmans™ Collection.

“The perfect pairings for comfort”

For a shade that exudes a deep richness look no further, our Silhouette design is the one for you. With a deep glossy finish and a pure gold badge, the translucent properties of the ivory white Bone China come to life as the night draws in and the shade emits a warm glow. The Silhouette brings Coolicon® shades out of their typical utility surroundings and into the tranquillity of the home.

The Natural Terracotta, with its traditional vented gallery, highlights the warmth of the terracotta material and finish. Its deep-red matte tones and brushed finish bring a comforting richness into the space. The light below is a much more subtle colour as a result of the shade’s traditional white zinc glaze interior. For those who revel in natural lighting, the Natural Terracotta shade fits right in amongst sun-trapped surroundings like a conservatory or covered patio, bedroom bay windows or your favourite cuppa spot.

The perfect pairings for comfort.

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