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Original 1933Design Lampshade

Jet Black

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Pendant Set: Industrial
Lightbulb: Yes

Jet Black, Colour Notes

The darkest shade we make, Jet Black offers a dramatic counterpoint to our more vibrant lampshades. This pure, high-gloss black makes for bold uncomplicated choice.

Create clean symmetry with low hanging Original 1933™ Design lampshades either side of a bed for a calm, cosy interior - the perfect alternative to bedside table lamps.

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Wholesale for Retail
We proudly supply products to select retailers on a wholesale basis worldwide. If you are interested in becoming a Stockist of our products, let us know! Setup a professional account and tell us a bit more. 

Professional Projects
We love getting involved with your commercial and residential projects, supplying our products on a professional trade basis. Working on a project and wish to specify Coolicon Lighting products? Sounds fantastic! Set up a professional account today for access to our technical information, downloads and quote tools.

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Authentic shades

  • Handcrafted in

  • Light above
    & below

  • Lifetime

  • Recycled
    & Recyclable

Coolicon® Accessories

Suspension Sets

With beautiful symmetry, our white Vitreous Enamel ceiling cups mirror the iconic gallery of our lampshades, both in size and shape. Made from the same high-grade steel and finished in matching white enamel, our ceiling cups are durable and electrically insulated. Lovers of the fine details, our ceiling cups ensure a sleek lighting design from ceiling to lampshade.

The perfect companion set to complete your Coolicon look with a choice of three timeless lamp holders.

Brass lamp holders - Our signature brass lamp holder is designed to last for decades, just like our lampshades. Imprinted with “Coolicon” around the holder, this set is sure to place your shade centre stage.

Industrial lamp holders - These modern black plastic lamp holders pay homage to the traditional black Bakelite lamp holders from Coolicon’s industrial past.

Porcelain lamp holders - Our white porcelain fittings are modern, clean and simple; produced for the Standard Collection they pair elegantly with all of our shades.

Cable Type: With a natural sheen, our finely overbraided black fabric cable ensures your lampshade hangs with that extra touch of detail and class.
Adjustable drop length: Min 15cm – Max 150cm. 
Bespoke lengths available.

Please note: Suspension sets do not include a ceiling hook.
Standard Suspension Sets are certified for UK and EU use only.

Light Bulb

Can be used with both incandescent filament and LED bulbs. 
For a traditional look we suggest filament-style squirrel-cageor pear-shaped bulbs.

Coolicon® Lampshade Materials / Size / Weight

Designed to hang low the Original 1933™ Design lampshade is well suited for task, focus and accent lighting throughout any room. Our Original 1933™ Design lampshades can also be used in clusters or rows to create statement lighting.

Ø228mm x 150mm - Approx. weight: 500g

Compatible with:
B22, E17 and E14 fittings
Light bulb wattage: Max 60W filament / 18W LED – 220-240V 
Recommended shape: Squirrel cage ST38 or ST48
Suspension set and light bulb sold separately.
Lamp holder hole size: Ø29mm

Energy Label

How it's made

Can’t decide on a colour? Order Vitreous Enamel Swatches here

Cleaning Vitreous Enamel

Due to the glasslike Vitreous Enamel finish, the lampshade can easily be cleaned with a soft cloth.

For stubborn marks, a high-quality window/glass cleaner can be applied to the cloth then passed over the lampshade. Care should always be taken to avoid contact with the Coolicon badge.

The best lighting for your Bedroom

With its bi-directional light the Original 1933™ Design Coolicon offers a clutter free alternative to lighting side tables as well as highlighting cornices or statement walls. The choice of a regal Royal Blue shade with its curvaceous shape will form a dramatic counterpoint to a classic rectangular sofa. 

Our Original 1933™ Design lampshades pair modern colours with the timeless design of the Standard Coolicon lampshades. The small welcoming form and innovative vented gallery allows for soft ambient lighting above while producing a stronger task lighting below.   A form that becomes more dramatic as the night draws in; the warm gallery vents cast light across the reflector of the lampshade, enriching the deep Vitreous Enamel finish while highlighting the well renowned cut-outs.

"Shapes the light; task light for reading, soft ambient light creates a cosy atmosphere."

"Great in sunlight, never to fade"

Born in the furnaces of industrial Britain and now reproduced by artisans in the UK’s few remaining dedicated workshops, the layers of hand applied Vitreous Enamel fuse powdered glass to Coolicon® high-grade steel shades. This creates a deeply satisfying utilitarian finish.  Spinning, pressing and hand forming create the curved shape of the reflector. After spinning, the reflector and vented gallery, aligned by hand and eye, are then welded together. When the steel lampshades arrive at the enamel factory any welding or forming marks are carefully cleaned up and removed by hand.

Easy to maintain with a simple duster, with colours that will never fade, Vitreous Enamel sets a standard unmatched in modern lighting industry. Lustre, practicality and craftsmanship promise a timelessstatement piece which will last you a lifetime.

"Looks great in sunlight, will never fade"

A Classic Jet Black Lampshade

Once exclusively industrial lighting, our expanded colour palette welcomes the utility shades into the comforts of the modern home. 

There is far more to this striking accent colour than simply the colour black. Our Jet Black shades resonate with industrial touchpoints; hewn coal, road tar and even the ubiquitous London black cabs inform our bespoke colourway. Hint of precious jet stones are referenced in the luxurious and luminescent gleam of our hand polished shades.  For a bold statement try pairing with our Select Palette’s Antinium shade.  

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