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First patented in 1933, the Coolicon® shade is firmly established as a design classic, still sought after for both work and domestic spaces, from studios and offices to apartments, kitchens and farmhouses.

The first edition Original Coolicon® shade is back in production. A Coolicon® shade that is true to the original patent, made in England to the same high standards. Today’s Original Coolicon® with its hand finished enamelled coating is made from spun steel with the original two part welded gallery and reflector, as in 1933. This offers the same design benefits;

• Light where it’s needed, whether for workbench or dining area

• Strong, accurate work light reflected down by white, high gloss vitreous enamel

• Top openings to give a soft ambient light above and vent heat from lamp and holder giving LED bulbs a longer life.

Since the Coolicon® shade was first produced in 1933, it has set the standard everywhere. It was the choice for lighting in factories, workshops, mills and farm buildings during the progressive industrialisation of the1930s; seen in the corridors of power in government and military offices during the 1940s. Churchill’s War Rooms even had one in the kitchen; and it was employed throughout London Underground for offices and backroom areas. White Coolicon® shades were specified for hospital wards and offices during the rapid development of the NHS in the 1950s and its popularity continued throughout the ‘60s and beyond.

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